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SaaS Licensing Attorney Andrew S. Bosin LLC, located in New Jersey outside of New York City, helps clients all across the United States navigate SaaS Law.

Andrew helps SaaS startups, software cloud web-based vendors, providers, entrepreneurs and developers, customers & enterprise companies in all fifty states.

One of the reasons SaaS companies hire Andrew is because of his startup experience in building and scaling a SaaS company as its General Counsel.

Clients appreciate the fact that when Andrew how much stock their company should issue  to the founders, because of his experiences in his startup regarding the very same issue Andrew is able to offer sound legal advice. And, Andrew also provides guidance about how optically a startup will look to investors if too much stock is issued at the inception to the founders.

What does a SaaS law firm do? SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Andrew S. Bosin, Esq. is a SaaS Lawyer with a nationwide legal practice representing clients across the United States.

So what does a SaaS lawyer do? SaaS encompasses many different cloud web based internet applications, solutions and services. Today, there is a huge migration to the cloud with software vendors and companies creating web based, i.e., SaaS applications of their traditional software offerings.

The clients of traditional software vendors are demanding cloud based applications to assist them with managing employees, HR, payroll, sales, customer relationship management, marketing, etc.

With SaaS, there is little to no need to pay in-house IT employees to make sure that the application is running smoothly or properly. This is the beauty of SaaS. The SaaS vendor service provider is hosting and serving the application for your company and is entrusted with the job of keep your data safe and the application up and running.

Andrew drafts and negotiates SaaS Subscription Agreements, Reseller Agreements, Master Service Agreements (MSA), End User License Agreements (EULA) and Software Licensing Agreements.

Andrew represents startups, vendors, founders and entrepreneurs engaged in the following SaaS Solutions:

  • SaaS Healthcare Software Solutions for billing and coding
  • HESaaS Hardware Enabled Software as a Service Agreements
  • Internet Connected Devices | Internet of Things (iOT)
  • SaaS Solutions for gaming, food and beverage, real estate, education, block chain
  • Healthcare Blockchain solutions
  • Real Estate SaaS Solutions
  • Automotive Leads SaaS Solutions
  • Technology Transactions and Licensing

Andrew works with SaaS companies, startups and resellers in Boston, Connecticut, New York City, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Phoenix, Washington DC and Houston, Texas.

Please contact Andrew for a free initial consultation at (201) 446-9643.

SaaS End User License Agreements (EULA)

SaaS Lawyer Andrew S. Bosin Esq. drafts and negotiates End User License Agreements (EULA) for application vendors, providers, and developers, entrepreneurs, customers, end-users, enterprise companies, and licensees.

SaaS Attorney, Tech Startup Lawyer, Andrew S. Boson LLC