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SaaS Attorney, Tech Startup Lawyer, Andrew S. Boson LLC
SaaS Attorney, Tech Startup Lawyer, Andrew S. Boson LLC

Top SaaS Law Firm Andrew S. Bosin LLC represents SaaS businesses, vendors, startups, developers, customers, resellers, end-users and enterprise companies across the US.

All companies, no matter what size, before going live with their web hosted cloud based SaaS or IoT solutions and applications should have a skilled and knowledge internet lawyer draft and create effective website terms and conditions, terms of service, terms of use and privacy policies. Andrew  develops website terms and conditions, terms of use and privacy policies that offer companies the full protection of the law. Andrew also provides legal advice on SaaS provider limitations of liability and warranty clauses, paragraphs, and terms commonly contained in SaaS and cloud contracts and agreements. Do you need advice about exclusions, limits and remedies for breach of warranties or indemnification clauses?

Andrew also drafts and negotiates SaaS master service agreements (MSA), subscription agreements, end-user license agreements (EULA), reseller agreements and SOW, SLA, Sales, Enterprise and Services agreements and IP Licensing and Assignment Agreements.

Andrew also performs legal work and consulting related to IoT monetization, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS), big data, cloud platforms and APIs.

Andrew also provides legal advice on implementing legal agreements to limit liability for cyber security and data breaches. Does your company need to be aware of any SaaS cloud contract negotiations essentials, best practices or checklists?

Andrew represents companies located or doing business in Nashville, Houston, San Francisco, Tampa, Minneapolis, Silicon Valley, Connecticut, Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, Boston and NYC.

Andrew also represents companies in Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Florida, Ohio, California, Jacksonville, Orlando, Kansas City, Texas, New York, Hartford, Washington DC, Charlotte and Raleigh, Atlanta, San Jose, Baltimore, Miami, Austin, Phoenix, and Dallas.

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SaaS Business Tips To Help You Succeed

During the time Andrew was a SaaS startup entrepreneur he gained valuable and priceless business experience in additional to the legal experience he acquired as his company's General Counsel.
Sometimes Andrew's startup would take two steps forward and then one step back. But that's the life of a startup company.
Because of his startup experiences Andrew  helps entrepreneurs think about how to best position themselves when approaching, meeting with or pitching investors. Although you need to have a great product that offers exceptional value in the marketplace and demonstrate to an investor that your team can execute flawlessly on a business plan there are other intangibles that you need to knock out of the park when you eventually meet with investors.
You need to be prepared when you meet with an investor. Be over prepared if anything. This includes creating a sales or pitch deck which contains financial projections for sales, costs, expenses and revenues. You have to remember that an investor can lose interest very quickly. If you hand them a 50 page sales deck or 100 slide pitch deck they are not going to be happy and likely will lose interest. You have to think of an investor as a child with no patience who has a limited attention span. So when you are presenting make your points and be concise about it. Don’t waste an investor’s time with endless diatribe about the finer points of your company. And, know your financials inside and out. The last thing you want to have happen is to be stumped on a question about sales projections in Q3 of next year. The bottom line is don’t wing it.
You also need to leave your ego at the door. Unless you have successfully exited from other startups and are well know in your industry the only person in the room with an ego should be the investor.
You need to be able to tell a clear and compelling story to investors about why companies will want to use your product.
You need to be able to demonstrate who your target customer is and how you are going to effectively market your product to these prospective customers.
The team. The investor needs to get a picture of each team member and what they bring to the table. Remember, it’s the investor’s money that is going to fund your salaries.
Perhaps most important is if you can’t demonstrate how you are going to make money and a healthy return on the investment you will never get funded.

Please call Andrew for an initial consultation at (201) 446-9643. You can also reach Andrew at:

Flat Fee Startup Legal Packages For SaaS, Software & Technology Entrepreneurs and Company Founders

One of the best things that Andrew offers to SaaS, Cloud, Internet, Technology and software startup companies is the financial certainty that the legal work that Andrew performs on their behalf will be completed for an affordable, flat rate, fixed legal fee.

Because he has also built and launched a SaaS startup company Andrew knows just how important it is for startups to have a firm understanding of their finances. And, just as equally important is how much their legal work is actually going to cost them. The problem with startups seeking legal advice from big law firms is that most big firms are not suited from a client billing perspective to take on matters on a flat fee basis. With a flat fee, the startup Law Firm is taking a risk with its time in promising the client that it will be able to complete the project for the fixed legal fee price quoted. Sometimes, an attorney spends more time than he or she calculated they would need to do to finish a legal project for a startup client, but that's how it goes with a flat fee.

The business startup legal package offered by Andrew's law firm bridges the gap between big law firms and DIY services that do not provide any actual legal advice.