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Top SaaS Contracts Lawyer Andrew S. Bosin LLC drafts & negotiates SaaS Agreements

SaaS Agreements

An experienced SaaS Contracts Lawyer Andrew S. Bosin LLC based in New Jersey outside of New York City drafts and negotiates SaaS, software & Cloud Subscription Agreements, Master Services Agreements, Reseller Agreements and Customer Agreements.

Why You Should Hire Andrew as Your Company's SaaS Lawyer

One of the advantages Andrew has over most other lawyers is that in addition to practicing SaaS Law, Andrew is also a successful entrepreneur having also built a worldwide SaaS company with partners as its General Counsel. Andrew has the experience to help understand all of your SaaS business and legal needs.

Across an array of industries, Andrew helps businesses develop, commercialize and protect company intellectual property assets, and identify possible risks associated with licensing such assets.
Andrew regularly counsels his clients with strategic business model analysis, technology development (alone or in conjunction with joint venture or partner companies) and intellectual property (IP) protection.
Technology Law Areas Represented:
· Health information technology
· Block chain
· E-commerce and new media
· Internet-of Things (IOT)
· IT and outsourcing services including cloud managed services
· IT equipment and computer hardware manufacturers
· Software application developers, including internet and mobile apps
· Big data and data analytics providers
· Non-IT companies procuring mission-critical IT assets and services
· Artificial intelligence
· Payment systems

Andrew Has Seen First Hand The Explosion of SAAS Applications In Just About Every Industry

Andrew has seen first hand that adopting a cloud-based platform for application development and solutions and integration allows companies to more rapidly develop, deploy and enhance business applications.

Software as a service (SaaS) agreements are becoming more common. With SaaS deals, the interest on licensing has decreased.

Instead, SaaS deals are more focused on the service agreement, known as the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that encompasses functions such as speed, responsiveness and uptime of the Software.

Andrew helps SaaS companies located in Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Washington DC, Atlanta, San Diego, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Miami and Jacksonville, Florida.

Andrew also represents SaaS entrepreneurs located in Nashville, Indianapolis, Boston, Connecticut, Providence, NYC, Hartford, Columbus, Cleveland, Texas, New York, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and California.

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Technology & SaaS Contracts Lawyer Andrew S. Bosin LLC helps clients with Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing legal issues both in New Jersey and across the United States. 

Regardless of your company’s size, location or industry, Andrew can develop a tailored, value-added, cost-effective approach to fit your business needs. 

Andrew’s clients range from single entrepreneurs either developing technology or getting startups off the ground with valuable IP to mature enterprise SaaS vendors.

Andrew also helps SaaS, software and cloud vendors seeking to license valuable IP in the form of services, solutions, applications and platforms.

Andrew creates ongoing relationships with his clients through conversations to help simplify and understand intellectual property (IP) legal issues. Andrew’s door is always open to his clients to discuss IP licensing strategies that fit into their business strategies.

Andrew assists his clients in developing intellectual property (IP) strategies, raising capital, acquiring and selling technologies and companies, and developing valuable strategic partnerships. Andrew reviews and prepares a wide range of technology, licensing and vendor agreements.

Andrew works with clients to identify, protect and exploit trade secrets and valuable software and technology applications.  Andrew’s focused experience often yields value from frequently overlooked intellectual property, such as, business processes, trade dress and contract networks.

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SAAS Lawyer Drafting SAAS Contracts

SaaS Contracts vs. Software License Agreements
Software licensing agreements are used when a proprietary software product is being licensed by the licensor/vendor to a licensee/customer. The licensor has a proprietary ownership interest in copyrights, trade secrets, patents, and other Intellectual Property rights in the software. A license is a very limited grant of those rights. A software license typically can be exclusive or non-exclusive; it may be limited to a specific geographic territory, with or without a right to sublicense and transfer, with or without a right to make and store copies, and typically with a limited scope of access and use.

A traditional software license described above is not applicable to software-as-a-service (SaaS) contracts because the customer/licensee/end-user does not download or install copies of the software. Rather, SaaS software is a web-based application, and the customer typically logs into the provider's system to access and use the SaaS software via the Internet. The vendor (or a third-party cloud-managed provider) hosts and serves the SaaS software in the cloud. From 50,000 feet in its most simplistic manner, the SaaS vendor provides a web-based service to the customer consisting of hosting its software and performing certain services to support the hosted software and granting access to the hosted software to the customer typically on a non-exclusive, revocable subscription basis. This is why a typical SaaS contract does not grant a license but rather grants access to the customer to use the SaaS software. Typically, the more sophisticated the customer, i.e., enterprise-level, they are going to want the SaaS vendor to offer a Service Level Agreement, which typically provides a certain level of maintenance and support and guarantee that the SaaS application will be up and running for a minimum guaranteed period of time, i.e., 99.5%.

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SAAS Contracts Lawyer

SaaS Contracts Lawyer Andrew S Bosin LLC, with offices in New Jersey just across the river from NYC, provides experienced legal advice and Services to SaaS startups, entrepreneurs, vendors, customers, developers, end-users, licensees, and enterprise companies.

Andrew provides legal advice to clients located in all fifty states, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Andrew helps clients with SaaS Service Level Agreements (SLA), Subscription Agreements, and End-User License Agreements.