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Top SaaS Agreement Attorney Andrew S. Bosin LLC drafts and negotiates SaaS master service agreements (MSA), SaaS reseller and channel partner agreements and end-user license agreements (EULA).

Based on his experience in starting a Software as a Service SaaS company as its General Counsel Andrew understands first hand the software industry and the processes and methods that encompass software design, database design, and systems management.

This experience in having owned a software company enables Andrew's clients the opportunity to discuss their requirements and processes in scientific language with a lawyer who built a company in their very own industry.

Andrew Helps Clients With The Internet of Things (IoT) Legal Projects

Part of Andrew's job as a Software, Technology, Cloud, SaaS & IoT attorney is to stay on top of the latest future growth trends and predictions in technology as some are calling the The Internet of Things (IoT)

On a routine basis, Andrew speaks with other cloud and IoT thought leaders to discuss where the future growth opportunities in IoT will be for his entrepreneurial client base.

Another area Andrew concentrates in is providing legal advice to IoT vendors doing business in Europe.

SaaS vendors signing contracts with European businesses need to understand the legal issues related to gathering, storing, collecting, serving, processing, hosting and transmitting personal data of EU residents.

The law pertaining to the collection of such data is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Some clients seek advice from Andrew about how to stay in compliance legally with the GDPR.

Andrew has negotiated and drafted particular contracts and agreements focusing on companies in the US and their obligation to sufficiently protect the personal data of EU citizens when data is transferred from the EU for processing in the U.S.

Andrew helps clients in Silicon Valley, Connecticut, Philadelphia, NYC, Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Tampa, Oklahoma City, Nashville, Florida and San Diego, California.

Andrew also counsels SaaS clients located in Jacksonville, Kansas City, Houston, Texas, New York, Washington DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Austin, Phoenix, Dallas, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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SaaS Contracts Lawyer Andrew S. Bosin LLC in New Jersey, located outside of New York City, represents SaaS, software, and cloud companies, startups, vendors, entrepreneurs, enterprise companies, and developers located in all fifty states |

Andrew drafts and negotiates SaaS Reseller Agreements, Master Service Agreements, End User License Agreements (EULA), and Subscription Agreements.

What Is Software as a Service (SAAS)?

Software as a Service SaaS Agreements
Software as a Service SaaS Agreements drafted and negotiated by SaaS Agreement Lawyer Andrew S. Bosin LLC, who works from offices in New Jersey right outside of New York City.

Andrew helps SaaS companies, vendors, startups, providers, resellers, licensees, customers, and end-users located in Austin, Dallas, Texas, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Denver, Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, San Diego, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Boulder, Miami, Florida, Jacksonville and Nashville.

Andrew also represents clients in Indianapolis, Memphis, Chicago, Los Angeles, California, NYC, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Houston, Omaha, Seattle, Boston, Connecticut, Providence, Hartford, Columbus, Ohio, Portland, Cleveland, and New York.

Andrew creates and drafts some of the best, most affordable SaaS agreements, MSA agreements, channel partner agreements, reseller agreements, EULA agreements, SaaS contract agreement templates, SaaS EULA template agreements, and SaaS reseller template agreements |

Andrew, who is also a SaaS entrepreneur, has done the startup entrepreneurial grind and has the boots-on-the-ground experience to help you legally with your SaaS business from inception through exit or sale.