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SaaS Attorney Andrew S. Bosin LLC drafts and negotiates SaaS Contracts and Agreements. Call Andrew at (201) 446-9643 for a free consultation.

Andrew has offices near New York City (NYC) in New Jersey and drafts just about every type of SaaS Agreement, License, or Contract.

Whether you're are a SaaS startup, vendor, licensee, provider, customer, developer, or enterprise company Andrew can help with your legal needs.

Andrew Has Been The General Counsel of a SaaS Company

As the former owner of a SaaS company that he built with partners, Andrew performed every possible legal function that needed to occur in a Delaware C Corporation. As such, Andrew fully understands your SaaS startup legal needs.

As a SaaS entrepreneur/General Counsel, Andrew put in thousands of hours into his startup company's go-to-market strategies and sales processes.

This resulted in Andrew negotiating contracts and agreements with Fortune 500 enterprise companies.

One of the legal tasks that Andrew performed as General Counsel of his SaaS Startup was negotiating and drafting the software development agreements and statements of work (SOW).

You Need a SaaS Lawyer With The Skill Set To Enable Your Company To Draft and Negotiate Effective SaaS Agreements

If you have built a great product at some point during the life of your SaaS startup another company is going to want to use your software.

The worst mistake you can make is to go it alone and negotiate a legal agreement with the other company to utilize your SaaS Services. 

You need a skilled lawyer one that negotiates SaaS agreements on a daily basis to help you understand all of the legal issues when dealing with Saas. 

As an experienced SaaS Lawyer and entrepreneur Andrew understands SaaS Law and drafting and negotiating SaaS contracts, SaaS Agreements, Master Service Agreements & End User License Agreements.

While the goal for a startup or early stage company that needs legal advice should be getting and paying a fair price, it is just as important to find a legal partner who has your company’s best interests at heart.

You don't want an attorney who flags every issue that can kill a deal. You want a Technology Lawyer by your side who thinks outside of the box and because of his own startup experiences can work through the issues and close that critical deal.

To this effect, Andrew spent thousands of hours working in his own SaaS company building and scaling it with his partners.

Andrew’s vast experience as a SaaS entrepreneur distinguishes his legal practice from other lawyers across the United States.

There are lawyers out there who can give you great legal advice. However, there are not many like Andrew who have risked their own time and money and put thousands of hours into their own SaaS startup.

If you are a SaaS vendor Andrew's experience in scaling a SaaS startup can add tremendous value to your negotiations with enterprise customers.

Andrew has stood in your same shoes as General Counsel to his own SaaS startup. His vast experience in dealing with lawyers from enterprise companies will be invaluable to speeding up the process of getting the contract negotiated and signed.

Unlike most lawyers Andrew is a SaaS "insider" in that he has worked on every aspect of a SaaS enterprise deal as both a SaaS Lawyer and SaaS entrepreneur.

While most lawyers get bits and pieces of information about their clients’ software Andrew had a different experience as the General Counsel for his SaaS company.

He was able to glean critical information from his various partners needed to successfully negotiate enterprise agreements.

For example, if an enterprise customer needed to know about the data security functions of his company’s application Andrew spoke with his partners who built the application and understood its capabilities.

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